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Orthodontic Clear Aligner Trays
Orthodontic Clear Aligner Trays

Orthodontic Clear Aligner Trays

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Note: Models and clear aligner trays quantity will be determined after case planning is complete and approved


LEAD TIME- 3 to 6 Business Days

Clear tray aligners put orthodontics within reach of the general practitioner. We can now offer them at a fraction of the cost of past services, making digital orthodontics one of the most profitable areas of a dental practice. This is also a convenient option for orthodontists as well.
The general procedure is as follows:
We plan out the case.
Then we will contact you to go over the case planning in a live TeamViewer (link)
session for any correction and for your approval. In this session, you are able to preview each step taken with the case and make any desired adjustments.
We then 3D print a series of models, each with the teeth having moved incrementally towards the desired final location.
After this we vacuum-form the trays and trim and polish them before shipment to you (you can elect to have the models sent to you as well).
With ala-carte pricing, you have all of the flexibility you need to outsource all or part of the case planning and aligner tray fabrication. Options to consider are as follows:
You can have us do all of the case planning, model printing, and clear aligner tray fabrication for you.
You can have us do the case planning and do the model printing and tray fabrication in your own office.
You can plan the case yourself and have us do the model printing and aligner fabrication for you.
You can just send out the printing to us and do everything else yourself.
Note that we also fabricate retainers and occlusal guards. If you order these, make sure to also order the printing of the model as well.

Instructions to doctor:
Make sure to clearly mark which teeth you want moved.
Note if there are any teeth that have implants in the special instructions so that we can block them out well before planning the case and avoid the tray catching on them when taking trays out.
Please upload files at the upload link or per the How to submit a case page.
Upload a clean and complete scan file of both arches, even when only planning one.
If mailing models, please note in the special instructions and send to:
Arizona 3D Dental Lab
7966 W. Thunderbird Road Suite 101
Peoria, AZ 85381
Clean stone models of both jaws in articulation are needed (a PVS bite impression is fine).
Please call us at (623) 207-7620 or email with any questions at all, and for any help you need with scanning and sending files.